Mystic Mountain

Hubble captures view of “Mystic Mountain”

I recently came across this article about a super cool space “place”. If you’re also fascinated by the “final frontier” check this out!

“This craggy fantasy mountaintop enshrouded by wispy clouds looks like a bizarre landscape from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image, which is even more dramatic than fiction, captures the chaotic activity atop a pillar of gas and dust, three light-years tall, which is being eaten away by the brilliant light from nearby bright stars. The pillar is also being assaulted from within, as infant stars buried inside it fire off jets of gas that can be seen streaming from towering peaks.

This turbulent cosmic pinnacle lies within a tempestuous stellar nursery called the Carina Nebula, located 7500 light-years away in the southern constellation of Carina. The image celebrates the 20th anniversary of Hubble’s launch and deployment into an orbit around the Earth.

Scorching radiation and fast winds (streams of charged particles) from super-hot newborn stars in the nebula are shaping and compressing the pillar, causing new stars to form within it. Streamers of hot ionised gas can be seen flowing off the ridges of the structure, and wispy veils of gas and dust, illuminated by starlight, float around its towering peaks. The denser parts of the pillar are resisting being eroded by radiation.
Nestled inside this dense mountain are fledgling stars. Long streamers of gas can be seen shooting in opposite directions from the pedestal at the top of the image. Another pair of jets is visible at another peak near the centre of the image. These jets, (known as HH 901 and HH 902, respectively, are signposts for new star birth and are launched by swirling gas and dust discs around the young stars, which allow material to slowly accrete onto the stellar surfaces.

Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3 observed the pillar on 1-2 February 2010. The colours in this composite image correspond to the glow of oxygen (blue), hydrogen and nitrogen (green), and sulphur (red).”

Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and the Hubble 20th Anniversary Team (STScI)

Article originally written by: Hubble Space Telescope found HERE

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The Many Faces of Quartz Points

First of all…. Quartz points are LIFE. Am I right?! Probably one of the first crystals people learn of and certainly the most common, Quartz, is a must have in your gem collection. It is the most powerful and versatile crystal on the planet, amplifying the energy of any other gem due to its unique helical spiral crystalline formation. As demonstrated by a Kirlian camera, simply holding a Quartz crystal in your hand DOUBLES your biomagnetic field! It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy, unblocking as needed. Quartz is a fabulous stone to have, and a Quartz point is even better! Points grow in many formations which have special meaning in addition to all of the above attributes.

Goddess / Isis Crystal Point


A crystal with a five sided face (normally as the front or main face) is identified as an Isis or Goddess Crystal. This crystal holds feminine/Goddess energies and can be used by both men and women when wanting to access the more feminine side of self. Isis crystals are a wonderful tool to utilize when you are in the process of taking your power back from someone or something that has in the past taken your power from you. The Isis crystal will assist you in becoming more aware of and understanding of the role the feminine plays for each of us.


Channeling Crystal Point

A point wh28058753_536444203406581_1091175977297411_n.jpgose main face or facets have seven outside edges. If this crystal also has a triangular face directly opposite of the main face (on the back side) it is called a Channeling Crystal. The Channeling crystal allows focus deep within yourself and/or from sources (guides, angels, higher self, etc.) that are outside the “normal” realm. One source of information states that, “each of the seven sides of the main face represents the seven qualities that the human consciousness must attain in order to access and channel the wisdom of the inner soul.”


Record Keeper Crystal

28056632_536453586738976_3048805426312892407_nA Record Keeper has triangular-shaped symbol(s) which can be raised or engraved on one or more of the crystal’s faces. These are not easy symbols to see with a one time glance– they must be held to the light and looked at closely. Record Keepers are one of the most sacred of all crystals because they hold the knowledge of the Universe. The ancient Atlantians programmed the Record Keepers before the fall of that great civilization in order to record and safeguard their knowledge. When one is properly attuned to this crystal, this ancient knowledge may reveal itself. One must be of pure heart and open mind to access the secrets of the Record Keeper.


Tantric Twin / Soul Mate Crystal Point

18891435_420255901692079_3631059629159098511_oTantric Twin quartz have two terminations sharing the same crystal body. One may be wider and/or taller than the other. These crystals form in most of the different Quartz varieties. These crystals are fantastic for teaching oneness, and tolerance for others whom we need to work with. Tantric Twin crystals are also very good for working through relationship issues with partners. If one of the tantric twin terminations is larger than the other – this signifies a crystal with a parent/child – student/teacher focus. Tantric Twin Quartz crystals make for excellent partners in helping two people work together to achieve a common goal. The cohesive co-operative energy they emanate helps the manifestation progress. Tantric twin Quartz crystals are very receptive to duel input crystal programming and can easily handle different methods of receiving conscious intent from each of the human participants.


Barnacle Crystal

28056241_536472820070386_5998576473598566326_n.jpgThis particular crystal can be recognized by a larger quartz crystal that is covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. These can be randomly attached with no discernible pattern. The larger crystal is the “old soul” which contains the wisdom and trust which attracts the younger crystals. This type of crystal can promote a stimulation of family or group cooperation. It is also used to be a companion when having lost a loved one.


Activation Crystal Point

27972352_536917770025891_7039157445616495015_n.jpgA.k.a. Time line or Time Link crystals are identified as being a slightly slanted rectangular shape. If the rectangular face is to the right of the main face, it is called a Right Time Line or Right Time Link crystal and denotes accessing information from the Future. If the rectangular face is to the left of the main face it is called a Left Time Line or Left Time Link crystal and will assist in accessing information from the past.


Diamond Window Crystal Point

It can be a four-sided vertical Diamond shaped face as one of the main six faces (Rare) or between and slightly lower than the six main faces, making it the Seventh Face (Uncommon). This type of crystal allow us to see the spirit realms and leads us within. It is literally a window to the soul, as it assists us in receiving intuitive answers to questions while bypassing ego and/or intellect. The Diamond faced crystal can assist the balance between the Spiritual world and the material world. It provides a doorway (or window) into other levels of being and a deep connection with Self.


Laser Wand Crystal Point

27972205_536450803405921_6800407341488748160_n.jpgMay appear to be three-sided at first glance. It will gradually decrease in size from the base to the tip. Laser Wands “can be used to help heal relationships by cutting the emotional cords of jealousy, insecurity, anger, sorrow or guilt. They can also be used to assist in breaking attachments towards people or things. When these cords are cut, one must rebuild the identity based in self-love and security.”


Dow Crystal Point

A rare crystal with eight faces (facets) instead of the normal six. This crystal is associated with prosperity, success and accomplishment, balancing a desire for material things with spiritual growth. Dow Crystals are also called Trans-Channeling crystals because they are both Transmitters and Channeling crystals in one.
These crystals facilitate the transfer of knowledge, energy, and understanding between energy layers in the Life Force. Transmitters are crystals used for long distance communications. Channeling crystals are used for communications with the higher levels of the Spirit World.
Specifically Dow, or Trans-Channeling crystals are very rare combinations of these two attributes in a single crystal. They are powerful and expensive. However, they are the single most powerful conduit for gaining wisdom and understanding from the higher energy levels – the spirit worlds.
Use them primarily in formal meditation in which specific answers to difficult problems are needed. Their use requires concentration and focus. Their uncanny power makes them worth the time and effort to both procure one, and to learn to use it effectively.
They are particularly effective in deep trance and meditation work.


Double Terminated Crystal Point

28276933_536519300065738_8135263234445401965_nVery easy to recognize, as they have points at each end of the naturally formed quartz crystal. Energy may move outward in either direction or in both directions concurrently, which is one reason why it is sought after by healers and light workers. Doubly (Double) terminated crystals can be used for a variety of things including, increasing and intensifying the dream state. Astral Travel and meditation also are assisted by this crystal.

Rainbow Crystal

27973447_536452823405719_981734309048116871_nOne of my favorite things to look for in any crystal is the presence of “rainbows”. Rainbows occur when there is a break or fracture within the crystal, causing certain prismatic effects. The presence of a rainbow gives additional energies which otherwise may be lacking in a clearer specimen.
Rainbows stimulate the awareness of Universal Love. They can assist in drawing off unwanted energies and dispersing healing to the body and/or the environment. Many feel that the Rainbow assists in connection with the Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and a host of teachers/information.

Angel & Fairy Frost Crystal

Clear crystal with fractures and inclusions within. To facilitate communication with angels, spirit guides, spirits in nature; to open our hearts to the beauty and magic of nature; to connect with our higher self and to encourage us to care for Mother Earth.

Key Crystal

27972904_536474980070170_5472018578864307317_nA key crystal has an indentation in one of its sides that narrows as it penetrates. This indentation is normally 3 sided, but sometimes six-sided. Some say it should always have 6 sides, but this view is not widespread.
The Key crystal is the most misunderstood quartz. Keys don’t unlock hidden knowledge.
Keys are indelible marks of another family members power and growth at your expense.
A Key crystal shows you how you are being dominated. A key crystal is used to find the way to free yourself from dominion and abuse.
The Key is a key to freedom. Key crystals are the liberator crystals. Use them in mediation to focus our energy on your own needs and to build resistance to the hurtful influences of others.
Carry a Key crystal as a personal talisman of dignity and self-respect.

Phantom Crystal Point

21432898_462732610777741_5624279934341997605_n.jpgA Phantom is a crystal or mineral deposit within a crystal. While the color of Phantoms will vary from crystal to crystal, depending upon the type of mineral of which they are made, Phantoms look like the “ghost” of a crystal within another crystal. They are all about growth and moving past blockages such as a traumatic life event.

Sceptor Crystal Point

This formation is recognized by the natural crystal forming itself around a crystal “rod” hence, the appearance of the Scepter. The top part of the Scepter should have six edges visible where the rod and crystal meet. This is known to be a symbol of power and focuses energy within the heart. These crystals were used in Atlantis and Lemuria in healing ceremonies.

Quartz points are one of the greatest gifts from Gaia. Grab yourself one….. or twenty. It is definitely a must have!









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SELENITE: Goddess of the Moon


Ahh… beautiful, dreamy Selenite. This has been a favorite of mine since the beginning of my crystal addiction. With its lustrous shine and smooth feeling surface, Selenite is easy to fall in love with and once you discover its amazing ‘powers’, you’ll want to carry or wear one every day!

Selenite is a gypsum crystal that comes in many forms and color variations. However most people associate selenite with its shimmery, luminous form known as satin spar. It’s a very soft mineral being only a 2 on the Mohs scale and is found in many places around the world, including the Naica Mine in Mexico, where massive, telephone pole size crystals were found.


The name Selenite is derived from ‘Selene’ the Greek Goddess of the Moon.


It has a very high vibration and brings clarity of mind. A protective stone, Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences and is a great tool to place on each side of your front door (or whatever door your company walks through) to ensure their negativity is ‘left at the door’. Selenite can evoke protection from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energy. The power of Selenite helps one connect with one’s guides, guardians, Christ Consciousness and Higher Self. Selenite can be held or placed around a person to facilitate such a connection. It can also be used in a grid, placed in the corners of the home to shield your space from unwanted negative energies, promoting a safe and quiet space where outside influences cannot penetrate.

Selenite is extremely sensitive, and acts just like “liquid light” from the angelic realm and universe. The crystals’ striations (fine, parallel grooves and narrow bands) are the pathways for the illuminated substance of Spirit. Selenite vibrates more on the spiritual level than on the physical, and resides on the threshold between pure white light and physical matter.

This crystal is capable of displaying total transparency, and is the very essence of dreams and visions. Selenite builds and acts as the bridge to merge the highest frequencies of light with the most subtle levels of form. It’s so sensitive, selenite will fracture or break around extreme negative thoughts.



Selenite has a direct effect on the emotional body. However, unlike stones that soothe and calm the emotions, selenite activates the aspect of our nature connected to our true spiritual feeling and path.

These crystals are particularly effective in stabilizing the emotional body and bringing erratic emotions under calm control. Selenite is water soluble and will dissolve if left in liquid. This important characteristic is also a great metaphor of the inherent power of the crystal to melt away exaggerated emotions with the stabilizing light force of your “true nature and feeling”.

Selenite has a variety of specific transformational qualities:

  • Brings the fifth dimensional light into third dimensional matter.
  • Quickly opens balances and activates any chakra and is especial good with the third eye, crown chakra, and the soul star chakra above the head. It’s the most powerful clearing stone for the upper chakras.
  • Cleanses the aura.
  • Clears and energize all the glands of the body.
  • Clears all blockages in the energy field.
  • Cuts cords of dysfunctional energy from the etheric body.
  • Ideal for purification and energetic cleansing, which makes it a perfect tool for healers.
  • Directs high frequency energy into the body, stimulating spiritual, physical and emotional healing.
  • Opens the inner self to the spiritual world.
  • Magnifies the energy of what ever is placed on it many times over (including other crystals).
  • Adds positive intentions into the energy body.
  • Elevates the frequency of physical matter and lowers the frequency of light, enabling a new substance to bring spirit into matter.
  • Acts as a tool for enlightenment as it heralds the link between spirit and matter.

As a general rule when people ask what the top 5 crystals they should get first are… I ALWAYS say Selenite because of its many benefits both physical and metaphysical.

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Top 5 Space Clearing Tools

Photo by Artem Beliaikin

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that clearing the energy of your space, your crystals and yourself on a regular basis is important for your over all well-being. If you haven’t thought about this, I suggest you start. Clearing/cleansing your stones, space and yourself is a process that allows you to shed the unwanted, stale, negative, sad, stuck, etc. energies from there/them. It’s much like the cleaning of your home on a weekly basis. Even if all seems well, there are underlying energies hanging about, left by everyday emotions and interactions. Maybe someone was recently sick or grieving. Maybe you just had a party or group of people in your home, depositing bits of their ‘stuff’ around your home, getting absorbed by your crystals (gasp!) The same goes for you. Everywhere you go and everyone you come into contact with leave traces of their energy on you. This is also why many rituals and healing ceremonies begin with a cleansing of each person, the space and tools being used.



Sage is probably the most well know tool for cleansing there is. It’s known as a purifier and is a sacred plant used since ancient times. Smudging, as it’s called, has been used by Native Americans and other indigenous cultures for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. As the person, place, object or space is washed in a smoke bath from the burning herb, the negativity is taken with the smoke and dissolved as the smoke disperses. The smoke releases a huge amount of negative ions into the area creating a high vibrational energy. This is one of my go to tools for clearing.



This “holy wood” comes from the Palo Santo tree’s of South America and is my number 2 go to tool for cleansing. Renowned around the world by many for its highly soothing aroma, this wood is considered to have incredible therapeutic healing energy. One of the most amazing aspects of the magical Palo Santo Wood is that it is wild harvested by a family that has planted over 30,000 trees in Ecuador over the last 10 years. The Palo Santo wood comes from naturally fallen trees and branches that lie dead for 4-10 years before they are harvested. This ensures a very high-quality product that is constantly surrounded by love and respect.



A resin, extracted from the North African, Indian and south Arabian Boswellia tree, Frankincense is also known as liquid gold and has been used for a long time in removing unwanted negative energies, providing an Aura shield and creating heightened spiritual awareness. When burned, it’s also great for purification, lifting moods and easing stress and anxiety.



Since ancient times, salt has been used to preserve and flavor foods, but did you also know it absorbs negative energy? It’s a great tool for cleansing your environment and also your body, however do not use it for cleansing crystals because of damage it could do to some minerals. Salt is also a strong energy tool at repelling unwanted spirits.

#5 SOUND: Purifying Vibrations

igor-ovsyannykov-194878-unsplash (1)

The last, but definitely not least, cleansing agent using sound. For centuries, people have , driven negative and evil forces away through sound, from the ringing of church bells and beating drums, to clapping hands, sending purifying vibrations through the air is a fantastic choice. Move in a clockwise direction from your front door or front/top of body making the sound 3 times in each corner of each room or at each Chakra point. For a quick cleanse, play an OM mantra or Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony where needed.

No matter what tool you choose to use, your space, self and crystals will be grateful!

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Most information in this article comes from the book ‘Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You’ by Heather Askinosie and Timmie Jandro, Co-Founders of Energy Muse

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